This is the home page of Lisa Joseph, known in the Society for Creative Anachronism as Saionji no Hana

Saionji no Hana holds junior fourth rank in the court of the Son of Heaven, Hisahito-tenno, eighty-ninth Emperor of Japan, at whose behest she represents the people of his Empire and observes the ways of the people of the West Kingdom and other parts of the so called Known World. She is an accomplished poet and seamstress and dreams of returning to the gardens and palaces of The Storied Capital. Who were the Saionji?

Saionji Shonagon currently resides in the quaintly redundant Province of the Mists in the Principality of the Mists less than a day's pilgrimage on foot from the birthplace of SCA civilization. She has been a cosmopolitan citizen of the Known World since 1995, with ties to the East Kingdom and friends pretty much everywhere else, thanks to the non-medieval miracle that is the Internet. She was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in 2012 for her research into the arts and history of medieval Japan.

Clothing and accessories:

A Brown Study: Tosenin's Kosode

An Informal Court Costume of Medieval Japan

Doing Rapier In Japanese Style

Faking It: getting the look of Japanese textiles with stenciling or block printing

Hiogi: A Ceremonial Fan.

Kake-mamori - a traveler's amulet case

Karaginu Mo: Formal Court Costume of Medieval Japan

Kosode Made Simple

Samurai For The SCA Guy: A photo gallery

Sensu: Making A Folding Fan

Wimples and Zukin  by guest author Ki no Kotori.

A glossary of textile embellishment techniques

Clothing glossary - women

Clothing glossary - men

Accoutrements for home and camp:

Honor, Harmony, Knowledge: a hanging scroll in Yamato-e style

The House of the Cheerful Monkeys - turning a wedge tent into a rustic Japanese pavilion

Kaga Chochin: creating a plausibly period Japanese lantern

Sugoroku table: an easy six-board chest for the carpentry impaired.

Poetry and other writings:

Heian Poetry Jam: The Poetic and Social History of Waka

Emaki: the illuminated manuscripts of medieval Japan

Japanese Art Resources for the SCA Scribe

Original Poetry By Lady Makiwara

Tanka Challenge 2008 and 2009  and Tanka Challenge 2010

The editorial musings on a variety of subjects by She Who Sucks Least

The Japanese Thing: A Reasoned Response

Things They Never Told Me (Humor)

Taiko: speculation about early performance practice on Japanese drums and Practice taiko made from hardware store supplies.


Online Resources for the Japanese Re-enactor  and A Bibliography from Saionji's Library

(Photos: Top left, the Phoenix Hall, Byodoin, Nara. Top center, me in full sail at West Kingdom Twelfth Night, photo courtesy of Pete Good. Top right, a charm at Yasaka Jinja shrine, Kyoto.
Playing with the pretties at the Costume Museum in Kyoto, photo by Joshua Badgley. Sanjusangendo temple, Kyoto.

Jehanne de Wodeford
is a 13th century Anglo Norman woman from a manor in Wiltshire, England.  Some of her writings on SCA subjects appear below.

An Argument for Authenticity

The Bard Thing: A rant

Clothing Photo Gallery

How to throw rocks really far: the fustibalus

Making a Sideless Surcote

Interesting and Useful Links

Original Poetry by Jehanne

Original Music by Jehanne

Thoughts On Persona


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