Here are some links I've found useful in my SCA journeys

Period "songbooks"
Textes et Musique du Moyen Age (Texts and Music of the Middle Ages) Home Page. This wonderful French website has lyrics in the original dialects AND midi files of a number of medieval song collections, specifically:
Adam de La Halle (13th c. France)
Bayeux Manuscript (15th c. France)
Cantigas de Amigo (Martin Codax, 13th c. Spain)
Cantigas de Santa Maria (13th c. Spain)
Carmina Burana (13th c. Germany)
Dances (14th c. Italy)
Guillaume de Machaut
Flemish Composers (14th-15th c.)
Llibre Vermell de Monserrat
Minnesangers (13th-15th c. Germany)
Miracles of Notre Dame (Gautier de Coincy 12th-13th c. France)
Motets (various)
Polyphonic songs (14th-15th c.)
Instrumental Music
Trecento (Italy)
Trouveres (France)

Katherine Rowberd's Period Music Songbook
Steve Hendricks Music Collection (a monumental collection of songs, dance music and consort pieces arranged by Lord Samuel Piper)
Hymns and Carols of Christmas (some period, some not, but a great online resource for Christmas pieces).

Music manuscripts
Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (UK)
Cantigas de Santa Maria
Thomas Ravenscroft
online by Gregory Blount. See the SCA Minstrel and Music Homepages listed below for even more.

More music links
Chant Resources
Choral Public Domain Library
The Silvis Woodshed
(MIDI files of choral works)
The Internet Renaissance Band
(MIDI files of medieval and Renaissance tunes)
SCA Minstrel Homepage and SCA Medieval & Renaissance Music Homepage

The Psaltery
The psaltery

Musica Antiqua's psaltery

The hurdy gurdy, organistrum, symphonie, vielle a roue or zamphona
Olympic Musical Instruments
Musica Antiqua's symphonie
Organistrum (Spanish language site on the organistrum)
The history of hand cranked street organs (also known as hurdy gurdies)

Other Medieval Musical Instruments
American Recorder Society
Citole Project  by Arden of Icombe
(Celtic harps)
Guide to Medieval and Renaissance Instruments with photos, descriptions and sound samples.
Harp Spectrum (A general harp site)
Lute Society of America (No, I don't play, but after some knowitall "bard" declared - wrongly -  that there is no sheet music available for the lute, I decided it was definitely worth bookmarking.)
Rebec Project by Arden of Icombe
Saxon Lyre by Dofinn-Hallr Morrisson and Thóra Sharptooth

Music and Musical Instrument Merchants
Antique Sound Workshop
. Historical winds and other instruments.
Courtly Music Unlimited. Specializes in recorders and sheet music for all budgets and skill levels.
Lark In The Morning. They've got instruments I've never even seen before. Do your homework first - a great deal may be a cheap instrument that's more trouble than it's worth, and make sure you know what the return policy is before ordering something.
Music Maker Kits (They produce kits for woodworking hobbyists, so be aware that you won't walk away with an historically accurate harp, hurdygurdy or psaltery, but worth checking out if you want to try your hand at instrument building. Caveat, read the articles on hurdygurdy kits at It sounds like kit-built hurdygurdies may be more trouble than they're worth. 

Historical Clothing (European)
Reconstructing History. Kass McGann's excellent website on historical clothing spans centuries and hemispheres. Her beginner section is excellent and she is now offering patterns of historical clothing for men and women.
Virtue Ventures
. Mistress Cynthia is a hat buff and it shows. In addition to a number of useful articles on medieval clothing, she has ways to finish your look with appropriate hats and head wear.
Robin Netherton

The Renaissance Tailor
. Even if you don't do Renaissance fashion, this site has a number of useful tutorials on sewing techniques.
Some Clothing of the Middle Ages I. Marc Carlson's work on extant garments.
Historic Enterprises
merchants medieval reproduction clothing and accessories for the ready-to-wear re-enactor. Not cheap, but the quality is excellent and the look is accurate.
Raymond's Quiet Press
sells reproduction jewelry, belt fittings. His early period pieces are lovely and if you've absolutely got to have a plaque belt, his are worth checking out.
Gaukler Medieval Wares also does reproduction jewelry and real medieval antiquities.
Dru Shoemaker

Historical Clothing (Japanese)
Kyoto Costume Museum
Reconstructing History

Liza Dalby
(author of "Kimono: Fashioning Culture")

Japanese Culture in the SCA
An Online Japanese Miscellany is part of Master Edward of Effingham's website on things Japanese.

Phoenix Textiles
is a good place to look for deals pretty much any fashion or home decorating fabric. Get on their email list and they'll notify you of special sales and promotions. Customer service is excellent and in the land of the Phoenix, a yard is 39 inches!
ITA Textiles
specializes in linen in a variety of weights and colors.
Dharma Trading
got their start doing tie dye t-shirt supplies. They're an excellent source for undyed silk yardage, fabric dyes, paints (their Versatex fabric ink is great for painting your pavilion) and other supplies. 
Silk Connection comes highly recommended as another source for undyed silk yardage. I must try their fuji broadcloth one of these days.
Thai Silks is yet another place to buy undyed silk at good prices.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
British Museum
Getty Museum

British Library (main link), Digitized Treasures collection
Manuscript: Alfonso X's Book of Games
Manuscript: King Rene's Book of Love
Manuscript: Manesse Codex
Manuscript: Gaston Phoebus' "Book of the Hunt"

Art (Japanese)
Picture Scroll of The Tale of Genji
(12th century Japan)
Tale of Genji Scroll
(18th century Japan)
Kyoto National Museum
Tokyo National Musem
E-Museum (Japanese National Treasures)
Japanese Art in the Asia Society Collection

Some Medieval Monkeys
Ape from the Aberdeen Bestiary
Monkey Beaker
Ape from the Harley Bestiary
York Minster monkey with flask
Monkey driving a cart, from the Luttrell Psalter

Prince Edward with monkey
Pew carving, St. Martin, Tuddenham (scroll to bottom of article)
Pew carving, St. Edmund, Southwold
Lady and the Unicorn series "Smell" (look for the monkey sniffing a flower behind the lady)
Lady and the Unicorn series "Taste" (monkey sits at the lady's feet).

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