Original music: 

My first attempt at original composition are the fault of Sir Colin McLear. At a Mists Coronet Tourney while he was serving as Bard of the Mists, he went around to various members of the populace with a list of all the combatants, asking them to choose one and write a poem for him or her. Now, I loathe writing on demand! Colin, in his typically perky baritone way, said, "Write a haiku, then."  Me, in my typically perverse way decided my "poem" wasn't even going to have words. So what sort of music does one write for a fighter? Thus was Marco's Bransle de Guerre born: 

Marco's Bransle de Guerre - Coronet fighter "poem" for Marco Nibbione.     
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Richard's Crusader Hymn
-  Coronet fighter "poem" written for Viscount Richard de Camville. The Latin lyrics are taken from the motto of the Knights Templar: "Non nobis, Domine, sed nomine Tuo da gloriam." "Not to us, Lord, but to Thee the glory."

Leohtulf's March - Coronet fighter "poem" written for Leohtulf of the Silver Hills, Lord of the Swan

Duchess Emma, Her Galliard was written in August, 2003 as an entry for Mists Bardic. Her Grace, Emma Fitzwilliam, is a dear friend who happens to have a particularly distinctive three note giggle, the sound of which was the inspiration for this piece.

Copyright 2004 Lisa A. Joseph

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